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The prize for creating a method to boot Windows XP on an Intel-based Mac has been won. Contest organizer Colin Nederkoorn announced on his website this morning that the total prize money of $13,854 will be awarded to two California men he referred to as narf and blanka, and added that he has tested the open-source booting method and says it works. Although Nederkoorn had slight reservations about the validity of the technique earlier this week, he's now convinced. Nederkoorn told Gizmodo, Drivers are still a problem, but the basic work is done. We now have a fantastic base for an open-source EFI boot loader for the Intel Mac.

How does this technique work? You create a customized Windows XP install CD and load a special EFI bootloader. Then the magic happens behind the scenes to make everything run, Nederkoorn said.

Magic, indeed.