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If you live in New York, unless you're incredibly rich or choose to live out in the boondocks an hour's train ride from Manhattan, chances are very high that your apartment is small small small. Most of us have combination living/dining spaces that don't really have room for living or dining, so I've been trying to convince people for years that we should give up on the idea of couches and tables once and for all and just all install hot tubs.

I mean, seriously, think about it—what would you rather do after a long day of work? Walk in the door and plop down onto the Ikea Ektorp sofa bed you've had since college? Or walk in the door and soak in a big hot tub like the CalSpas Galaxy Entertainment GX49 Spa, with its 49 superjets, auto-rising 42" plasma screen and marine-grade surround sound speakers with subwoofers? I know what I'm saving my hard-earned gadget blog-writing coin for.

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