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Reader Julie emailed in today to say we should check out the intriguingly-named GEL-BOT, which turns out not to be a robot made out of goo but a refuelling system for athletes. The GEL-BOT is a water bottle with an integrated gel flask (good for 3.2 oz or 2.5 packets of gel), so you can drink water, slurp gel or do both at the same time while you're on the go. $15.95 for one, a reasonable price for a bottle you'll use a lot, but as one of our triathlete friends pointed out, maybe too pricey to drain and then discard during a race as people usually do.

The company behind GEL-BOT, ventureDESIGNworks, is also responsible for PRESS-BOT, a coffee press for use with a Nalgene bottle we told you about last year. We're getting samples of both products for review and will let you know what we think of them soon.