Get up to speed on what happened at gaming geek brother site Kotaku last week. On with the weekly recap!

Obviously, the biggest news of the week was the first info to come out of the Sony camp in a long time. After rumors that the Spring launch wasn't going to happen, Ken Kutaragi and crew announced a delay for the PlayStation 3 launch until November of '06, but partnered that with a bit of good news — the next-gen beast will see release globally, with Sony promising a steady stream of consoles.

They also shoved in some PSP news bits, announcing a PlayStation 1 emulator, and GPS and Eyetoy functionality. No new games were announced, shown or hinted at.


And how did the industry react? It went into spin overdrive! From CNN/Money to Nintendo to Microsoft, it seems everyone had to put in their two cents.

On the other side of the world, Microsoft and Rare studios finally dropped details on Viva Pinata! Check out the first screens, obligatory kids cartoon and the official site for more on this hyper-cute Xbox 360 title.

The Bully hate machine started idling this past week, as Miami-Dade area citizens moved for boycotts and blacklisting retailers who carry the title. Expect one of these anti-Rockstar crusades per week until the game hits shelves in the fall.

Can the studio responsible for Catwoman really innovate? That's the question from Kotaku and Businessweek have to ask as EA looks to fresh gameplay and less reliance on licensed content. Will new IP like Spore drive the company, while Madden pays the rent?

The Napoleon of Nintendo, Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto, was honored by the French last week and granted the title "Knight in the National Order of the Legion of Honor". Insert xenophobic American joke about the French here!

The most amazing video game collection ever was revealed last week, with walls (and floor) packed solid with thousands upon thousands of titles. The truly astounding thing is that whomever is responsible for said collection also tricked some woman into having sex with him, resulting in real-life offspring! Quite a feat, and something we're looking for a FAQ on.

Wanna get your geek rock on? Check out Galbadia Hotel, who have a mega repository for video game soundtracks that's almost too good to be true (and definitely too good to last). We're downloading some Ossu! Tatakae! Ouendan tracks as you read this (and retaping our glasses).

Finally, just to get you up to speed with all the rumors, here are the question-marked headlines of the week! Yuji Naka quitting Sega? Katamari team disbanded? Silent Hill remake in the works? So many questions! So many unknowns! Stay tuned.