What Crowdfunded Project Has Screwed You Over the Hardest?

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Crowdfunding isn't the same as preordering. It's a gamble at best. And with the Keryos Meteor coming out as one of the biggest crowdfunding fails in recent memory, we got to thinking: What other crowdfunding disasters have managed to slip under the radar?

What projects have you backed that just didn't follow through, either because the end product wasn't what you were promised, or is just showing no signs of ever showing up? This is a safe space. Let it all out.

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Suprisingly, none. I have backed 4 different musicians for them to be able to make independent albums, and every single one delivered an absolutely great high quality album. I also backed Video Game High School - Season 2, and while it wasn't as good as season 1, I still enjoyed it. Then I have also backed Mighty No. 9 and while it hasn't been delivered yet, they keep in constant communication (at least 1 email a week) and everything seems to be on time and looks great.