RFID-Enabled Casino Chips
It seems like there's a way to cheat in all this, but I can't quite figure it out. Yet.
by People Paula

Movie Theaters Apply Tourniquet, Attempt to Show Live 3D Sports
Most people who are movie junkies now days own big screen televisions and surround sound systems with booming subs. So why would you pay eighteen bucks for a couple tickets, pay another fifteen bucks for soda and snacks, then sit in an uncomfortable piece of crap seat for two hours (three or four for a Peter Jackson flick), and pray to God that nobody sits in front of you. My comfortable recliner, and pause button for bathroom breaks wins every time.
by victorpoprock

Pocket Ashtray
A few years ago, a very nasty forest fire (fairly large area and destroying a number of homes) was started by someone carelessly throwing away their still-smouldering cigarette butt out the window of their car. Granted the forest was very dry, but still... there were howls about how some people couldn't afford a $5 ashtray for their cars and stuff.

As for smokers being hated, well, society changes. At one point in time, slavery was acceptable (even revered) human behavior. As was "male dominance" and the fact that women were objects men owned. But I suppose what helped was that smoking is a disgusting addiction and the sight of ever-present cigarette butts on the ground. That and the number of people that get annoyed when the addiction causes inconvenience for others (smoking in bed, for example, and setting off the fire alarm).


I suppose drinking and driving was socially acceptable many years ago. People on cellphones will probably also be socially unacceptable in a decade or two, too (companies are already implementing restrictions on their employees using cellphones while enroute to a job site).
by Worf

Dell Buys Alienware
"Dude! You're getting an over-priced laptop!"
by Risky Safety

Pit Stop Portable Urinal: 1.25 Gallons Before Stopping
Why not just hang the hose* out the window and not bother with the can?

*if you know what I mean
by muteboy