GDC was the place to be last week, with tons of announcements, rumors and insider info revealed at the con. For all of Kotaku's Game Developers Conference updates, check out everything tagged GDC.

Sony dropped some major PlayStation 3 bombs at Phil Harrison's keynote including details on the PlayStation network, new game demos and so much more, including potential region-free PS3 gaming. Hallelujah!

Nintendo's keynote was much more subdued, focusing on the success of their Brain Training products and minor details about the Virtual Console service. Iwata's most exciting bit of news revealed at the Game Developers Conference was that Genesis and Turbografx 16 games would be available for download alongside all those NES, SNES and N64 classics.

Nintendo boss Iwata also showed a quick preview of the first Zelda title destined for the Nintendo DS, named The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. It's 3D Link, in the toonish Wind Waker style, but with neat stylus control! Put your pre-orders in now!

For some bad bad Zelda memories, make sure you check out the videos from the Philips CD-i versions. Warning: your childhood may be destroyed with a single viewing and no video can be "unwatched"!

Microsoft was relatively quiet this week, only talking about increased Xbox 360 supply and their strong spring line-up of next-gen titles. The only bad news to come from the MS camp was that you're gonna need a beast of a machine to play the Vista-only Halo 2.

If you're looking at Second Life, wondering what all the fuss is about or are looking to get the most out of your online social tedium, check out Brian Wagner Au's feature "The Gamer's Rough Guide to Pwning Second Life". It's one of the few references to furries on Kotaku, so don't miss it.

We've known it was coming for a long time, but at GDC, Sony showed off God of War II the sequel to last year's PlayStation 2 action hit.

Finally, if you didn't catch it on Friday night, Blizzard let slip that Starcraft: Ghost, the extremely late console entry in the Terran vs. Zerg vs. Protoss mythos, was, well, slipping again. For better or worse, don't expect to play it on your PS2 or Xbox ever.