The New iPhones Aren't Quite as Skinny as You Think They Are

The new, larger iPhones sure are lovely and their bigger screens are complemented by slimmer frames, too. But some of the images that Apple showed yesterday are a little deceiving: those new phones aren't perhaps quite as skinny as you might think.

The old iPhone is 7.6 millimeters thick, the iPhone 6 6.9 millimeters, and the iPhone 6 Plus 7.1 millimeters. Between the 5S and the 6, Apple has shaved 9.2 percent from the thickness. That's impressive!


But, as Quartz points out, the lighting used in the presentation images yesterday make the new phones look slimmer than they really are. There was black edge which wasn't background but shadow, meaning that it was easy to misinterpret the images. You can see it in the GIF above, and Quartz has calculated that most of us probably perceive the iPhone 6 to be 30 percent slimmer than the 5S, compared to the actual 9.2.

Far from being a deal-breaker, obviously—but a sneaky trick of lighting that might make you a little more impressed than you ought be. [Quartz]

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and don't forget that hideous protruding lens. It's pretty much a deal breaker for me.