Animated Tron-Like Paint Jobs Are the Perfect Aftermarket Upgrade

Last year a company called Darkside Scientific wowed us with an electroluminescent paint known as LumiLor that was completely invisible under lights, but glowed with a bright intensity in the dark. And now the company has revealed an even cooler application of LumiLor: Giving a Tesla S \ an animated, glowing paint job.


It's a great way for drivers of electric vehicles to bring even more attention to themselves, and remind everyone of just how eco-friendly they're being. But the uses for the electroluminescent LumiLor paint, and the custom electronics that facilitate the animations, are even more exciting than that. You could have invisible custom messages painted all over your car, and then share a piece of your mind with other motorists at the flick of a switch. And let's not even get into the advertising opportunities this creates for Nascar. [Vimeo via Autoblog]


Gin and Panic

We've finally caught up with the '80s! Can't wait to see this on a Countach.