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If you spent a lot of time pretending you were Larvell Jones growing up, or you carry Mr T In Your Pocket wherever you go, we're guessing you're exactly the kind of person Phonebites Inc's targeting with their Razz Software and Razz Headset. Both of them let you load sound clip collections (what they call "Razz Packs") that you can then play over your mobile phone; current choices include hokey clips like fart sounds, smoochy kissy noises, horror movie screams, but they also have licensed clips from The Jerky Boys, Family Guy and Napoleon Dynamite.

The Razz Software is still in beta and only loads onto compatible phones (Nokias with the Symbian OS, plus the N70, N90, N-Gage and Sendo X), you can currently download the beta for free. The Headset can be plugged in to most any phone model and costs $19.95.

Razz (Demo of Software and Headset) [via Tech Digest]