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If you're stuck with Time Warner Cable, as many of us unfortunate souls are, things might be looking a little better, where the cable giant is negotiating with the four major U.S. TV networks to create a "Hits Channel" that could serve as your own semi-personal video recorder. The proposal has Time Warner Cable charging you $10 for the privilege of instantly playing back any of the 20 highest-rated television shows immediately after they air and into the next day.

The best part of this proposal is that you wouldn't have to remember to record the shows yourself, but the downside is they're only offering the top 20 shows from those four networks (ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox), much of which is shameless ad-infested drivel. Come to think of it, this sounds like another "stupid tax," where you pay a $10 fine each month for being a dope and forgetting to record your shows. It's your money.

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