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Flip Flap, a coffee table designed by Artichoke Studio's Han Kiang Siew, functions as a tabletop and magazine rack at the same time. To hear the artist tell it, it's like a landscape...

"...where 2 flying creatures encounter each other. In a serendipitous moment, they flirt. We inhabit this table in ways beyond mere physicality. Like a landscape painting, we allow our minds to immerse in this imaginary scene."

Whatever. All mumbo-jumbo aside, if you have the right-sized cups and glasses, this could be a functional design for a coffee table. Sorta. The trick is to keep those cups and glasses from tilting over into the cracks, and don't try putting your car keys on it. One thing's for sure—it ain't child-proof.

Flip Flap [Artichoke Studio via Moco Loco]