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If you're trying to quit smoking by tapering off instead of going cold turkey, you might want to check out the SmokeSignals personalized system. The main draw is the smart cigarette case, which tracks when and how often you take a cigarette out of it. After a week of normal smoking, you stick a phone cable in the case and it uploads your data to the SmokeSignals server, which calculates the data and customizes a Quit Plan for you which you can access via the web and also gives the case a reduced smoking pattern for you to follow. The case will alert you in evenly-spaced intervals when it's time for you to smoke, making sure you avoid cravings and the highs and lows of withdrawal that make quitting so difficult; the intervals get spaced out further and further every day, week by week, until you're completely off cigarettes.

$149.00 for the package, fourteen day money-back guarantee. If you pass it on to friends to use, SmokeSignals will only charge $79.00 to reactivate the device per person.

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