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Apple TV Got a Redesign and a Beats Music App

Illustration for article titled Apple TV Got a Redesign and a Beats Music App

iPhones and iPads aren't the only devices getting some OS attention today. Apple has also released an update to Apple TV, which we caught a glimpse of last month. Only accessible to third-generation Apple TV users, the operating system embraces its mobile partner's approach to design with flat icons and thin text.


Apple also now delivers a Beats Music channel, which makes sense since it bought Beats for $3 billion in May. According to 9to5Mac, Apple TV now includes iCloud Photo Library support—a new feature that's part of today's iOS 8 update—and lets users connect multiple Apple ID accounts to one credit card as well.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently spoke with Charlie Rose about the company's continued interest in television. That dedication was questioned when Apple made no mention of a new Apple TV at WWDC despite growing competition from Amazon and Google. Instead, Rose investigated rumors that Apple may possibly make its own all-in-one Apple TV set. Of course, whether that actually comes to pass will mostly like remain rumor and speculation for sometime. For now, piecemeal updates via Apple TV will continue to be the company's way into our living room. [9to5Mac]


Image: iClarified

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I love AppleTV more and more all the time. We have one for each TV, and I love that one device can pick up a program where the other left off. I love that I can use it to buy a movie, rent a movie, or watch a movie for "free" (via the Netflix, HBOGO, Showtime Anytime, or PBS app). I love that the UI is consistent across services. I love the minimalist remote. I love that iTunes Match makes my entire music library available on it. I love that I can play music from my iPad or computer via AirPlay through multiple Apple TVs at once. And I love that I can use it to mirror my iPad on my TV. We have a Roku, a Chromecast, and two TiVos as well, and the Apple TV is definitely my favorite for streaming. The UI is beautiful—and I say that as an Android and Windows user.