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New York apartments most often than not don't have dishwashers in them, partly because of the lack of space and partly because in many old buildings water is folded into your rent and the landlord just doesn't want a hefty water bill. As a result, we know more than a few people in the city who hate doing dishes so much that they've just done away with them, using paper plates and plastic utensils the few times they eat meals at home that aren't straight out of take-out containers. For them, $199 might not be too dear a price to pay for this dishwasher the size of a microwave that you install on your counter and can clean up to four place settings at a time. It saves space and it saves water, and it's not like you can fit more than four people into your average New York apartment anyway.

World's Smallest Dishwasher [, via Kitchen Contraptions]