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Is it a bed? Is it a chaise lounge? The answer is yes with Sapapa Extreme, a couch/bed that's marketed as smart furniture and comes with an odd-looking tripod-mounted multimedia unit alongside it. It's available in a variety of colors and cushions you with a combination of physical springs and what the company calls a "ViscoJel layer."

It moves like a hospital bed, with either electrical or hydraulic mechanisms, and it has an option for a hydraulically-controlled night light. You can even tilt up the top part of the bed, just to elevate your head. (Didn't we see something like this in 2001: A Space Odyssey?) It also has Bedmate, a flip-top ottoman-like unit that has a 19" flat panel screen on its lid and a DVD/CD player with Sony PlayStation inside. Too bad it's not voice-controlled. "Elevate my head, Hal."

Product page [via Trendir]