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Before we discuss LG's new M6100 multimedia slider phone, we'd first like to ask you all some questions about this photo from its recent launch. Why is the model on the right wearing a chainmail blouse? Is she cosplaying a character from some Korean MMORPG we're not familiar with? And why is the model on the left wearing a tiara? Who wears a tiara in public over the age of seven? Did the model in the middle bribe the stylists to keep her looking normal? What's going on here?

Back to the gadget at hand—frivolous photo-op aside, the LG M6100 looks like a fairly spiffy phone. It's tri-band (GSM 900/1800/1900), measures 89.7x40x19.9 mm and weighs a scant 88 grams. The display is TFT, 256K colors and 128x160 pixels, it does GPRS, has Bluetooth and miniUSB, and a 1.3 megapixel camera with flash. The M6100 is supposed to be a multimedia phone, and it does play mp3s and a few other formats, but strangely only has 128 MB of shared memory onboard and no slot for memory cards. If you can look past that, it was approved by the FCC last month and should hit the US sometime in the next few months.

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