Samsung's Gear S—Samsung's first smartwatch that is literally also a phone with a SIM card and a phone number—is coming to the US this fall, and it's being supported by all four major carriers. Dick Tracy your day has come.

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Since I'm sticking with my Tizen-based Samsung Gear 2 Neo over Android Wear (for now), I'm hoping that this watch (which is also Tizen based) gives more life to that platform. Until Google gives Android Wear speaker and IR blaster support, I would miss those features on my current watch.

The Gear S itself as a smartwatchphone I don't care for - as I'm not going to want to pay for an extra voice/data plan for this thing and neither am I going to want to swap a SIM in and out of it. Also it will be very rare when I want to be without my big screen phone either.