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Nokia unveiled three new entry-level phones at the Nokia Experience Mobility 2006 event in Chongqing, China today: the Nokia 2610, 2310 and 1112. All three are candybars, have big keys and speakerphones but no cameras, as they're all geared towards first-time owners in certain markets like China, India, South-East Asia and Africa where penetration levels are still fairly low. They aren't without their individual frills though, as each one has very different features designed to appeal to different kinds of consumers.

The 2610 (at right) is the most business-friendly of the three, with its email support, web access via WAP, expanded phonebook memory, an appointment calendar and basic finance managing application.

The 2310 is the music and texting phone—it has a dedicated shortcut key that activates the built-in FM radio tuner, a "speed dial" for SMS sending and the Nokia Prepaid Tracker, "a network supported application which automatically updates users of their prepaid account balance after each call or message".

The 1112 is just about as basic as a cellphone gets these day, and should be a good buy for people who don't have very much experience with technology. Or, you know, your friends and relatives who always complain about how phones are getting more and more difficult to use and how they can't manage the keys and tiny screens. It has large icons and font sizes, an alarm that speaks the time, and perhaps best of all, a demo that walks the user through the phone's functions.

Performance, quality and ease of use - the hallmarks of Nokia's newest range of iconic affordable phones [Nokia Press Releases]