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Developed by Aethlon Medical (conveniently located in San Diego), the Hemopurifier is a "rolling-pin-size" unit designed initially to be used as a dialysis unit. After shunting the unit into your veins, the force of your circulation will push your blood through the device.

Fortunately for you and your loved ones, there is a small, but tantalizing chance that the Hemopurifier's plant-derived antibody filters could also be used to screen out the evil bits of RNA floating in the blood of the infected. (That is presuming, of course, that the scourge is medical in nature. We've heard rumors that the curse began as an touchscreen iPod announcement.)


If nothing else, the Hemopurifier would be a handy unit to have around to keep your blood clean of other diseases. There's nothing more disheartening than discovering you've survived Z-Day only to contract Ebola.

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