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Even though most of the world has already fallen pray to the horrific events of Z-Day, some are using their pre-apocalyptic skill set to survive—and even thrive—in this new hell on earth. Jeremiah Sullivan has found unrivaled demand for his Neptunic full-body anti-bite sharksuits that not only keep the wearer free from the piercing fangs of their reanimated loved ones, but also keep the majority of purported 'infection' away from the skin. (Gizombo does not necessarily endorse the 'blood-of-the-damned-borne' theory, but still.)

Unfortunately for consumers (or the consumed), Sullivan's Neptunic suits were previous built-to-order. Here's hoping they'll ramp up production as soon as possible, because we'd love to be able to wear a Neptunic while fighting our way to the corner pharmacy for more 'medicine.' Or perhaps a pink model suitable (ha ha!) for this year's previous home to drool-covered shamblers, the prom.

Product Page [Neptunic]