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Grundig slides over into Bang & Olufsen territory with its Ovation2 Micro System, a handsomely-designed glorified boombox which has a CD player with a cool-looking mirrored glass sliding door. Of course, it has the obligatory USB port for your MP3 player, and can also play files right off a USB drive.

Put it to work as a fancy alarm clock, or set it up across the room and control it with an unusually designed round remote—either way, it cranks out 90 Watts, using Grundig's so-called magic fidelity system, which the company says is able to re-create "deep surround sound." It just might be able to create something worth listening to, with a woofer, three midrange speakers and two tweeters, each with their own individual amps. Nice design comes at a price, though, setting you back $602.

Product page [via TechDigest]