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If, as a young impressionable child, you always wanted to grow up to be just like Michael Knight, only to find years later that fate had dealt you a cruel hand and you were unable to croon in German or grow luxurious chest hair, perhaps you will find some solace in the fact that while you may never be half the man the Hoff was in the 80s, you can totally still have his car.

All you've got to do is purchase a car from Pontiac's third generation series of Firebirds, track down every single part in the Knight Replicas catalog and then follow their conversion guide. No sweat, right? Not for a cool cat like you. Hell, play your cards right and maybe you'll have your sweet, sweet ride ready in time for the 2006 Knight Nationals & Convention in Dayton this August. Don't forget to send us a postcard from Ohio!

Guide to KITT and KARR [Knight Replicas, thanks Scott!]