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Are you so grossed out by the thought of touching anything in the subway that you just stand in the middle of the car with your legs spread out, hoping you don't fall over? If you're one of the people who does this regularly you should know that we hate you, because you always end up falling over anyway and worse, crashing into us or stepping on our toes.

If you think the TranStrap is too bulky to carry around and you can't be bothered to use a hand sanitizer or wash your hands after you get off like we do, maybe you should spend $20 and buy a pair of City Mitts, made with a special antimicrobial fabric embedded with silver ions that's supposed to inhibit bacteria growth.

Or you know, maybe you should just take a damn cab.

City Mitts, Antimicrobial Gloves for the Subway [via Techie Diva]