China Scrambled 1,226 Troops to Stop a Single Drone

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When an unauthorized flight passed near Beijing airport yesterday, China scrambled 1,226 military personnel, 123 military vehicles, 26 radar technicians, two fighter jets and two helicopters to stop it. Turns out, it was a single mapping drone.


Police later arrested two men, who work for an aviation technology company, for flying the drone. A third man later confessed to having been involved. The UAV was 7.5 feet long and used for mapping and surveillance.

As the reaction makes clear, China forbids any flights—manned or unmanned!—without prior approval from the state. That means that the air force, civil aviation authorities and the local air traffic control bureau all have to give the go-ahead. These guys clearly forgot about that—and found out the hard way. [Guardian]


Image by Bureau of Land Management under Creative Commons license

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It's all fun and jokes until someone flies a drone carrying a bomb to blow up a plane...

Had this happened at some rural village or in a city park, I doubt they'd deploy that many personnel. However, this was near the airport. What if a gust of wind blew that thing right into a plane's path?

Besides, it's good exercise to be alert and ready. In this case, it really is better to be safe then sorry.