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The thing about Vertu phones is that they're simultaneously elegant and tacky. The beauty of their designs and crafting is undeniable, but the ridiculously high price tag is what makes them seem so, well, cheap—everyone we know rich enough to buy one of these things without hesitation never would, because phones are just phones and they've got battalions of secretaries and assistants to keep track of their appointments and make their calls for them. Usually it's the people who feel the need for everything about them to scream money who don't really have that much of it or who've just gotten their hands on some; nothing's less cool than the nouveau riche.

All that said, these two phones from Vertu's new Ascent Racetrack Legends Series really are lovely, with their racing grade rubber tire detail and radiator grille bezel nose. The red is called the Monza after the track that hosts Formula One's Italian Grand Prix, and the green is the Silverstone, after the home of the British Grand Prix. Only a thousand units of each phone have been made, and every one is etched with its number in the series.