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Probably the next best thing to having a Sherman on your desk, the Media Tank from ATMT is an external media reader that reads pretty much anything you throw at it. Firstly, let's not ignore its size: the Media Tank is pretty darn big, weighing in at 1.5 pounds. If your desk can handle the massive gadget, you'll encounter a fine array of features. It can read a standard 3.5-inch hard drive and a 5.25-inch optical drive. It also has a six-in-one card reader, letting you load up CF I/II, MD, SD, MMC, and MS/MS PRO. Of course, no external device would be complete without USB 2.0 compatablilty, and the Media Tank is no exception. Not surprisingly, this little number requires a fan of its own, useful to not only cool the unit down, but to also dry your car. The Media Tank can be had for about $263.

The Media Tank, A One Stop Shop For Digital Media [OhGizmo!]