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You'll Never Not Know What To Watch On Netflix Again

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For everyone out there who's spent a feature-length-film amount of time trying to find something good to watch: What Is On Netflix is about to seriously streamline your selection process. The site lists streamables, ranked in descending order based on their respective Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB scores. Yay!

Illustration for article titled Youll Never Not Know What To Watch On Netflix Again

How cool is this?? Reddit user BelgianMyWaffle posted about this cinematic accomplishment on the r/movies thread this morning and I think the best part is how varied the top results are, in terms of genre and year of release; for example, there's a seamless run of Apocalypse Now to Jiro Dreams of Sushi to 20 Feet From Stardom, all ranked up at 99% on the Tomatometer and all ready to watch right this very moment. The rating Netflix imagines you'll give its recommended titles is… not always accurate, even when you can compare it to its general average amount of stars, so these two, maybe-a-little-bit more authoritative takes are nice for perspective.


Sure, it's a pretty bare-bones interface and there are some limitations—it's not comprehensive, and doesn't dip down into the lower-rated films—but for an at-a-glance decision-maker, it's pretty freaking great.

This really, really makes me realize how much I need to hunker down and commit to seeing way, way more movies. Also: Has anyone done this for the AFI's 100 years categories yet? C'mon! [What Is On Netflix, via Reddit and @nickbilton]

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Dog in a Manger

There's nothing worse than reading an article like this and then remembering that you're still a chump with Canadian Netflix.