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Mobile Top Level Domain (mTLD) has a booth at CTIA and is reminding everyone to mark their calendars for the start of their tiered registration periods for .mobi domain names. May 22nd is the Limited Industry Sunrise, when members of mobile industry organisations get to register their domains. The Trademark Sunrise starts June 12th, and all other trademark holders have 70 days to lock their domain names down. The General Registration (i.e. free for all) starts August 28th, the first two weeks of which they are calling Landrush and during which they'll be charging higher fees to register desirable domain names.

Russell Beattie on why .mobi is a Good Thing:

Even if you LOVE server-side handset detection and think it's both the absolute best way to serve customers and the holy grail of the World Wide Web, the very simple rules above give us something what we've been desperately needing in the mobile web: A standard navigation scheme. Now users can guess "" or "" or "" and KNOW that their phone isn't going to barf at them, and the companies will have a standard name to rally around as well.

First Internet Address for Mobile Phones - dotMobi - Announced at CTIA [press release, prnewswire]