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Adding a little color to your bath just got a lot cheaper. Until the $20 Aqua Glow Tub Light became available, if you wanted to enhance your bathing experience with chromatherapy you'd have to pay $8900 for the Kohler Sok chromatherapy bath. The Aqua Glow Tub Light is a waterproof fixture made of ABS plastic and powered by four AAA batteries that adds a colorful glow to your bathing festivities. Choose the "Spectrum" setting and it cycles through all of its colors, or you can set it on one particular favorite.

As the chromatherapy story goes, being in the presence of certain colors can elicit emotional reactions and "balance energy." We're not so sure this chromatherapy idea actually cures anything, but it's probably a pleasant-looking experience nonetheless. So go ahead, light a few dozen candles, fire up the Aqua Glow and save your $8880 so you can pay for a tubful of champagne.

Product page [via The Uber-Review]