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Motorola and Skype have put together the Motorola Talk and Tunes Wireless Internet Calling Kit, a Bluetooth headset for Skype phone calling that doubles as a pair of high fidelity headphones. The kit includes a pair of Motorola HT820 stereo headphones that connect to Motorola's PC850 Bluetooth USB adapter.

Motorola says the headphones work seamlessly with Skype software, which is readily available free on the Internet. The software has been modified to make the headset automatically pause the music when you receive a call. Free calls anywhere? Stop the music when a call comes in? If Skype makes it any easier, soon it won't even matter that you can only talk to other Skype users for free—everyone will be a Skype user.

The Motorola Talk & Tunes Wireless Internet Calling Kit [Mobilewhack]