This Beautiful Watch Is Actually a Fitness Tracker

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If you've been waiting for a smartwatch that looks beautiful in a more traditional sense, your wait might be over. The new Withings Activité is a fitness tracker that can really hold its own in terms of style.


The Swiss-made timepiece from the makers of the Withings Pulse can't show you text messages on your wrist, but it can track the steps you take, the calories you burn, your sleeping patterns, and the distance you've traveled. It comes in both black and white, with a stainless steel case, a nigh-unbreakable sapphire glass face that acts as a simple touchscreen to toggle between settings, and real leather bands you can swap out for plastic ones if you're feeling particularly active.

Information that's not the time is displayed on the Activité's secondary face, which can show your percentage progress to a step goal or a sleep goal. Data beyond that is, of course, beamed back to the Withings Health Mate app on your iPhone (iOS only!) for in-depth perusal.

This beauty comes at a price though. When the Activité goes on sale this fall it'll cost a hefty $390, but for a watch that doesn't look like crap, that doesn't seem completely outrageous. While the Pebble Steel is pretty slick and the upcoming Android Wear hardware has a flair all its own, you'll be hard pressed to find a wearable with this much style. It's just a matter of how much it's worth to you. [Wired]


Watches are typically all overpriced. The majority featuring cheap Chinese-made quartz movements and there's nothing special about how they're manufactured. Think about it, what reason does a watch ever have to cost as much as a smartphone or laptop?

It's particularly crazy when you consider that companies like Timex mass produce moderately priced watches from a handful of inexpensive template for dozens of fashion brands. It's very similar to how a single company makes the overwhelming majority of eye glass frames and charges hundreds of dollars for a bit of injection molded plastic.

Fitness watches and smart watches call out the sham because they're so packed with technology and still manage to be less expensive than most traditional watches. Even the Apple Watch is a bargain. This particular watch looks pretty nice, but to call it a fitness watch is a huge stretch when all it's got is a glorified pedometer.

You'd have to fall in love with this design or not be thinking clearly to buy this watch over the multitude of better options on the market.