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Acer took its place in line behind Toshiba to say it will release an HD DVD-packing laptop, the Aspire 9800. This is going to be one unusual notebook, with a whopping 20.1-inch 1680x1050 LCD. The thing is loaded for video of all types, including a 1.3-megapixel webcam, and both analog and digital TV tuners feeding that big display. It's also HDCP compliant, with a DVI port in the back to hook up to an HDTV. Acer hedged on that HD DVD drive, though, mentioning that the laptop will initially ship in May with a DVD burner, and wouldn't say when the HD DVD drive would be a part of the spec list.

Although it's great the notebook will have such a huge screen, we're puzzled at that oddball 1680x1050 resolution, frustratingly short of 1080p which will eventually be the lingua franca of HD DVD. And, at that big screen size, anything short of 1920x1200 is not what we would call state-of-the-art. Oh, well. Can't have it all.

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