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Those responsible for the iAlertU alarm application now have footage of the application in action. Though mere software, it allows the operator to use the infrared remote to set their MacBook Pro, from afar, to become a noisy public nuisance if it is moved.

This is made possible thanks to the motion sensor in the new MacBook: the villain grabs it, moves it, and the MacBook goes crazy and starts screaming and slapping its own head. Our villain yelps in surprise and drops your MacBook to the ground, where it breaks into a $3,000 pile of junk.


It's early days, with some obvious gotchas: the mute button, for example. As a first line of defence, however, it could be a boon for students and anyone else who doesn't want to have to lug their machine with them every time they want to get a coke or spend a penny.

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