An extreme case of how some people use social media to get attention

Remember Me is a typical boy-cheats-on-girl story that turns into a surprising tale of someone so narcissistic that he would do anything to get attention. Add Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to the mix, and things get crazy fast. It's exaggerated, yes, but I'm sure you know people like this online—and in real life too.

WARNING: The short contains a very strong scene at the end.

This fantastic short film by Jean-François Asselin is in French subtitled in English, but don't let that stop you from watching it. You will be glad you did because it's such a brutal critique of the narcissism that permeates all social media today.


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Pretty interesting film. Enjoyed watching it. To people worried about watching it because of the other commentators here - SPOILER ALERT:

At the end he cuts off his ear and a bit of his finger and some fake blood spurts out (not even well done). Anybody that's seen a PG13 horror movie would laugh at it (I did). So, don't let them scare you. It's a good short film.