Bacterial Glue
i hate super glue. i was gluing something back together in the kitchen and i dripped some superglue on the floor and didnt know it and i stepped in it witlessly and superglued my foot to the floor. it took all of 10 minutes for me to work it loose after being laughed at and photographed by my family
by bagellord

HD-DVD Players to Hit the Streets Next Week
when this new beta vs vhs thing sorts itself out, and players are $200 and blockbuster rents the discs, then and only then will i concern myself with this.

in the meantime, standard resolution is plenty for most of the crap coming out of hollywood.
by Aaron Stein


Brief Safe Scares Away Thieves
my standard joke is that if I leave $20 in the glovebox, I've doubled the value of my car. :)
by airship

Print New Organs With Bioink
I'd like to place an order for a new liver for about 15 years from now.
by kegsofduff

Netgear Gets Speedy with 802.11n
Oh, for fuck's sake. Why are we getting hardware compliant with the 802.11n draft now, when the standard is right on the cusp of ratification? Who in their right mind would want to buy something that's only probably interoperable with the impending flood of next-generation devices, when they could wait just a month and be futureproofed (not to mention up ~$100 in first-adopter-fees)?
by the mattalyst, inc.

PS2 Price Cut on the Way
I love the expression "value-oriented customer" —

It's such a bullshit marketing term for "lower-middle class" or POOR.
by martyz

Adobe Carrying Case
What, they don't know what to do with their money? They wanna impress me, they'll remove all the bloat and unnecessary interface crap that loads down Photoshop CS2 and the rest of the CS2 suite. Ugh, last good version was 7, and even that was a bit top-heavy compared to 6. I mean, what the hell is with the full-screen filters with their lousy previewing options?! Blargh, says I!
by Invader J