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Photographers miffed at some of the bugs in the intriguing but ultimately disappointing Apple Aperture program can try again with the latest version of the application. Released last week, Aperture 1.1 includes a revamped RAW conversion engine that delivers "crisper detail and fewer artifacts," according to Rob Galbraith of Digital Photography Insights. Along with improved RAW image rendering and a new set of advanced RAW adjustment controls, the latest version can run as a Universal on the new Macs with Intel processors so should be quite a bit speedier. The application also has a new color meter tool, enhanced export options and support for RAW files from the latest Digital SLRs including the Canon EOS 30D, Nikon D200 and others. Aperture 1.1 is a free update for owners of the original. For new buyers, it will cost $299 which is marked drop from the $499 price tag when it was first introduced last Fall.—Dan Havlik

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