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Looking for some rich-looking house numbers that you can spot in the dark from 50 feet away? These Matterinc Solar LED Numbers can do the trick, and we know because we tested them. We put them on the west side of our facility for about five hours each day, and they stay lit well into the night, longer than any of us nightowls can keep our eyes open.

They look great, their two bright white LEDs backlighting the numerals that are laser-cut out of anodized aluminum. You have your choice of either brushed aluminum or go-with-everything black. Those LEDs emit a surprising amount of light, too, and it's not that weird-looking blue hue or urine-yellow color of many LED lights.


Our verdict? These are excellent. They're a bargain at $17.99 per numeral, and they look like they cost a lot more. We liked the way they lit the way for our fellow revelers to easily find our crib late at night. Definitely worth it.

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