Two LG Factory Workers Die in Nitrogen Leak

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The Korea Herald reports that two workers have died and four been injured during a nitrogen leak at an LG Display factory in the South Korean city of Paju.


The incident occurred while the workers carried out regular repairs on the ninth floor of the factory, which sits 25 miles north of Seoul. One worker died from nitrogen suffocation at the scene; a second was declared dead en route to hospital. Of the other four, one is seriously injured, while the others escaped with minor injuries. LG has promised to "control the accident and prevent recurrence." [Korea Herald via Verge]


Image by Kārlis Dambrāns under Creative Commons license

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You had fordboy357 at "meat tornado"

Isn't normal air like 80% nitrogen? I understand that we need oxygen to survive, but how much nitrogen would you need to displace (or maybe dilute is a better word) in a poorly ventilated area to be life threatening?