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We don't have any illusions about this product concept, but we sure wish it existed. The C'ALL future phone is a series of drawings and fanciful artwork by designer Dima Komissarov that envisions the all-in-one device that we're craving, with a cellphone, MP3 player, GPS, hand-held Mac and PC, and everything else all crammed into a credit card-sized device. One of its most intriguing ideas is its chameleon-like credit card mag strip "player," where you dial up your chosen credit card and it virtually turns into that card.

Part of us wants to believe this will actually exist sometime soon, while on the other hand, we're thinking that with a little imagination and a lot of 3D software and hardware, anybody can draw pictures. What about the electronics that go into this thing to, ya know, actually make it work? They simply don't exist yet. So we end up saying, so what?

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