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BenQ just unveiled its BW1000, a Blu-ray writer that is also able to read and write the ancient optical disc formats, CD and DVD. The drive will be available in both internal and external models judging from photos, with the external model potentially doubling as a mirror given its high glossiness.

As far as burning speeds go, it may be a little on the slow side for some people, with the BD-R only burning at 2x; CDs, on the other hand, burn at a respectable 32x. While compatible with just about every optical disc format known to man, including the elusive DVD +/- support, there's still no price set or a release date for the BW1000. Given how much it does, and the fact that it supports Blu-ray, one would be well-advised to prepare to spend more than a few dollars.

[at-a-Glance] BenQ Blu-ray writer 'BW1000' [AVING]