With the HD-XA1 already on the streets, what's a Blu-ray marketer to do? I know this is a bit premature, but clearly we've got a first mover advantage thing going on here.

Reports on the HD-XA1 have been mixed at best, but that really doesn't matter. This mass-market player is a beast, but it's the first one out there and it means that your HDMI-capable HDTV may soon have some DVD content once the price drops enough.

Obviously, Blu-ray is going to pound its way through by piggybacking on the PS3, but it's going to be a tough sell if and only if there is a mass market player that comes in below $200-$300. The current crop costs about $500-$800, which definitely isn't bad, but the key will be to grab some market attention and convince Joe and Jane Bigteevee to pick one up at Best Buy.

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