Short film: We're so obsessed with our phones that we're missing life

This short animation Mr. Selfie by We Are Seventeen totally nails everyone's over reliance on their phones. We use it in bed to fall asleep, we use it in bed when we can't fall asleep, we have our phone in the bathroom, on our commutes, on the sidewalk, through live events, through nature and basically through life.


Maybe it's time to put the phone down.


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I kind of agree, but also kind of disagree with this. I mean, we are definitely rooted in our tech culture, but is it the tech culture itself we are addicted to? Or is it the access, or ease of access, to other parts of our lives that we are addicted to?

They did say the same thing about computers and "computer geeks" back in the day. Images of shut-in loners, geeking out to the latest sci fi news, fan theories, gaming, whatever. Now it just so happens that everyone is in on the trend, not just a select group of people in their exclusive niche.

To me it seems that, we are missing "living" life to take part in "digital" life. We are still living our lives, but the way through which we are living it can be divided into two categories.

1) What activities we do in person, where we go in person, and who we interact with in person.

2) What activities we do digitally, where we visit digitally, and who we interact with digitally.

Both categories offer the same thing, just in different formats and depths. I see people interact with friends on facebook and in person. Friends visit websites to look into vacation options before physically going on vacation.

So I wouldn't say we're missing life by being obsessed with out phones. There are people who are missing out on living life though when they replace all physical social interaction with digital. However, you can't say the guy who loves fantasy football and who constantly manages it with his phone, is addicted to or obsessed with his phone. He's obsessed with fantasy football, and the phone just gives him an easier option to access it.