Look Around the UK's Newest Aircraft Carrier

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No, that's not the world's biggest slab of marble; it's the wet landing deck of the UK's newest aircraft carrier. This 360 degree panoramic image, that you can drag and pull around on your screen, will let you explore the HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08) as if you were there.

The largest warship ever built for the Royal Navy, the HMS Queen Elizabeth will be formally commissioned only in 2017—so don't be surprised that, instead of F-35B Lightning II fighter-bombers and Merlin helicopters, you can see tons of construction equipment and the aft island hidden behind seven storeys of scaffolding. [Royal Navy]

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Pity we haven't got any aircraft that can use the damn thing at the moment. The 2010 Tory-led coalition government scrapped our fleet of Harrier Jump Jets in the name of senseless cost-cutting. The same type of Harrier that's still being used in the US Navy, because they're perfect for taking off from and landing on an aircraft carrier.

Still going ahead with the multi-billion pound replacement for Trident though. For a nuclear deterrent that we're never going to use. Absolutely crazy.