Can I get a "Yeah?" Look at this thing—it's a wheelchair tank designed for all-terrain use. We think the story says it all:

My wife, five kids and I were in a cabin in the woods. To our surprise a herd of elk came walking through our camp. My kids, having never seen an elk before, woke up and rushed outside. My wife got in her power chair and wanted to see them too. As we went outside the elk had moved on about 100 yard and you couldn't see the through the dense tress. We started walking to get closer but had to keep stopping and help my wife get her wheelchair unstuck. Anyone who has a loved one in a wheelchair knows what a pain in the nether regions that can be.


After two years of research, the builder decided on tank treads and the rest, as you see, is history. No pricing, but we'll contact him for an interview next week. [Thanks, BananaBoy]

Product Page [TankChair]