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This Is What It's Like To See Sound

Synesthesia is a superpower phenomenon whereby a lucky group of people see color when exposed to stimuli, most commonly sounds. It's the inspiration behind some famous art and music — but it's virtually impossible for mere mortals to get their heads around. This visualization is the best attempt I've yet seen.


CHROMO comes from the color-hearing mind of Pasquale D'Silva, a designer who has previously co-created an app called Keezy, which he describes as a 'color sound sampler'. FastCompany has a good profile of the app (and the man behind it) here. It's a good look into an evolutionary quirk, and probably the closest you're going to get to seeing sounds without the help of some serious pharmaceuticals. [Vimeo]

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I have synesthesia and I may quibble about details (no two synasthetes will agree on every detail) but this is so damned close to how I see this stuff, it's kind of eerie.