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The 'ole Gizmodo closet is chock full of junk and we are dumping it on to you. This week we were giving away this guardian angel to protect yourself and your computer from havoc that may happen. Because of all of you damn cheaters and our inferior voting system, we have been forced to select three winners at random. Congrats to Daniel S., Andy W., and Max H. Stayed tuned for more "Clean Out Our Closet" contests to come.

Check out some of the entries, after the jump.

Cleaning Out Our Closet Contest #1: Free Gargoyle Things [Gizmodo]

Nice poem, Parelle.

Oh guardian, that which sits on my desk
Whispered be this plea,
As my hard drive rattles, my DVDs fail,
on this laptop as it has on others.
Give us this day five more minutes,
As we backup our data
and curse those who did not back it up for us.
Led us not to Apple,
but deliver us from Microsoft.
For thine is the Ctrl, the Alt, and the Delete,
the three fingered salute,

- Parelle

Short and sweet. Thanks J.C.

I had just dropped a sites entire database without a backup, then
phoned them to tell them only to find they had gone out of business
the day before.


Thank for this enchanting story, Kim. You get mad props because KITT makes an appearance.

Once upon a time, in the darkest forest of Kamouraska, were walking a young boy and he's girlfriend with their IPod, cell phone and pocket pc, as every young souls nowadays. Walking hands in hands, having an happy time together, feeling totally safe with all their devices protecting and entertaining them. Anyway, what could happen with a cellphone which has an integrated GPS system connected to his pocket PC wirelessly?? No need to worry about where they were exactly.

SUDDENTLY, she thought: "What if we were lost?" She took her cellphone and (SCREAMING VOICE WITH ECHO): it was dead. Nothing would come out of it, no sound, no light. She took he's, DEAD too. Pocket pc? DEAD. Even their watches were dead, so he couldn't call KITT. They were totally lost. "See that light over there?!" He asked her, "Let's try to reach it. maybe there is someone there that could help us..."

The light coming out of this thing, which they were actually unable to describe, was illuminating the whole place. "Look! It's an angel!!" - "Look, my watch is working again!" - "And so is my palm!!" It was an EnergyStar Angel which could replace any source of power, with range extending features compatible with every network types, including gsm and all those kinds of stuffs. Having such concentrated power in such a small angel was sure draining any electro/magnetic device in a few miles range, but too far to get the area of effect. At this very moment, KITT jumped right trough the forest, coming from nowhere, to rescue the young padawan. The light slowly stopped to glow as KITT slashed it's head while power-sliding at 260km/h trough the trees.

As you probably know, I am the young man of the story and I really need that angel to replace the one KITT accidentally "killed". I'm pretty sure that a Gizmodo-Blessed Angel will have the same features and no one will notice what we did last summer.