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Ok, ok, some pervert is obviously going to see the new Zigview digital angle viewfinder and think: "Wow, just what I need for all my 'up-the-skirt' shots." And while we're not condoning that usage for it, low-angle sidewalk shots are certainly an option with this new device. Attach this baby to the eyepiece of your digital or film SLR and it displays the image in real time on a two-inch/TFT color display for easy viewing from a variety of angles. Low-angle macro work and cool ant's-eye perspective shots are two of the more interesting (and legal) usages we can think of for the Zigview. But the device also might appeal to news photographers trying to take high-angle "Hail Mary" shots over huge crowds. The Zigview is being distributed in the U.S. by Argraph.—Dan Havlik

Product Page [Argraph]