Incredible aerial view of Chinese New Year's fireworks over Beijing

Apparently, July 4th ain't got nothing on Chinese New Year in Beijing. This video was recorded on an airplane that was landing in Beijing at midnight of Chinese New Year and it shows all the fireworks going off at once across the city. It looks like every corner is firing off explosions at the same time.


There are so many that it almost looks like a warzone.

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Must admit, this overhead vid of BJ is pretty awesome, shows lots of local low level street stuff. Hat's off to the person that had the wherewithal to take the time to shoot it out of the airplane window, probably from their Samsung phone. Very nice.

New Year Beijing is just OK though. The celebration in 2006 had a very weird almost morose feeling attached to it. Fear inducing, menacing and creepy, yeah. Or, maybe I just had way too much baijiu to drink, sure umm, OK. (Dangerous stuff.)

If you are thinking about going to China for New Year, might I suggest Hong Kong? Much lighter feel. The huge flower markets leading up to, the crazy parade with super-lights the night before, then the most incredibly ornate & expensive fireworks show (in the known universe) on the actual night of New Year.

Hong Kong. Four million people. All jammed packed tight together on both sides of the Harbor. Babies, kids, teens, grandparents, great grandparents, their dogs, birds, etc. A massive amount of love and a ton of respect all in one place. Smiling eyes, many with faces full of happy tears. Giddy love stuff.

-The incredibly detailed and finely choreographed fireworks show in Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong, at Chinese New Year is something I personally think everyone on the planet should at least try to see sometime in their lifetime. Forget USA 4th of July, not even in the running.