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Here's a product from the Chocolate Trading Company in the UK that's so goofy we thought it must be a joke—the Explosive Chocolate Bomb made by Braquier has what's cryptically called a "quality dark chocolate shell and contents" that provide "ongoing entertainment." You can tell there's something mildly dangerous going on here, because it includes a safety guard that you're supposed to place around the bomb when you want to detonate it. You light the wick and treat the thing like a firework, carefully following its safety instructions that instruct you not to return to the bomb once it's lit, in case it turns out to be a dud.

Something's fishy here; there's no price listed on the company web site and it also mentions that the explosive chocolate bomb is out of stock. Is there a different date for April Fool's Day in the United Kingdom?

Product page [via OhGizmo]